Focused on obtaining meaningful results for our clients, B12 produces brand communications that are closely aligned with business strategy. Our work reflects an economy of thought and expression.

Design plays a fundamental role in business strategy. Design can elevate a brand and give a business a unique face — one that speaks in a way words cannot.

A brand must work to solve the problem of communication. We measure the success of our creative by how well our brand communications work.

We enjoy producing creative that engages audiences in an emotional way. By invoking the emotions, creative is more likely to be meaningful and memorable.

Although we are aware of prevailing design trends, we care more about the fundamental principles of good design. Designed based solely on trend seldom has a lasting shelf life.

Our work is grounded in the substance of what our clients stand for — their business objectives and their reasons for creating a given message.

We weigh the impact — and necessariness — of everything we bring into our creative. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.


Art Directors Club
AIGA Prisma, Merit
AIGA Regional, Best of Show
Communication Arts, Design Annual
Graphic Design USA
Graphis Design
Graphis Logo
HOW International Design Annual
HOW Self Promotion
Print Regional Design Annual